signedRufus is a online vehicle for my work as an artist, a means to explore the subjects I love: photography, digital print making, drawing and painting.

My work is inspired by my local area, the places I visit and my interests in science, philosophy the arts and culture. Often my work goes through several stages and multiple processes. In the case of my digital prints they may start life on paper, as a digital sketch, a photograph, a found objects or a material that I have distressed. These may then be photographed or scanned in and further messed with using digital tools. 

 As a contemporary artist I am not aware of any specific styles in my work as I try to be open to whatever the piece suggests to me at the time. If pushed I might say some is abstract even abstract expressionism. My paintings at present are perhaps best described as realist or impressionistic in style - though who knows what tomorrow may bring. I hope you enjoy looking around :-)